Over the past few years, the arrival of multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (Multi-Rotor UAV's) has changed the whole business of aerial photography and aerial cinematography. Multi-rotor UAV's are battery driven and radio controlled from the ground. They can fly at speeds of up to 90 km/h or stay in a fixed position in the air like a helicopter. A multi-rotor UAV can lift various cameras or other payloads to a maximum altitude of about 200m above ground level. During the whole flight, the pilot as well as the  camera operator can control the images captured by the camera in real time through a high frequency image-downlink on their monitors on the ground.

Thanks to modern and well maintained technology, our UAV's are very safe. All flights are performed in a safe way by applying strict security procedures. In the unlikely case of an accident, HighFlyCam has a professional liability insurance for the use of its UAV's with a maximum cover of 10'000'000 sFr.-

HighFlyCam uses different models of multi-rotor UAV's:

Our main platform is a DJI Inspire 2  quadcopter for big payload and long flight times. The Inspire is equipped with a DJI X5S camera for absolutely vibration - free images and smooth camera movements. Interchangeable lenses in a focal length range between 12mm and 45mm can be used on the X5S. For photos, the maximum resolution is 20.8 MPixel. For filming, the camera offers a maximum resolution of 5,2 K and 30 FPS or 4K and 60 FPS Photos are always shot in RAW. The client can then choose if he likes the images delivered in RAW, JPEG or TIF.

Film can be shot in MOV H264, Cine DNG or Apple ProRes 422.

For special jobs like indoor flights, roof inspections or tight budgets, we also own a small DJI Phantom 4 quadrocopter with a 3 axis stabilized gimbal that shoots full-HD or 4K. Last but not least, we own a DJI F550 hexacopter use a Tarrot F 650 quadrocopter for our flying lessons.