You are a photographer, cameraman, DOP, director, archeologist or journalist and you would like to use drones for your job? You have probably already bought the drone of your dreams, but you don't know how to fly it safely? Well - unfortunately most beginners crash their drone on the first flights loosing a lot of money. You can save a lot of money by booking some flight lessons at HighFlyCam.  Do as lots of TV cameramen or the police officers of the Canton de Vaud and sign up for the HighFlyCam Drone School. As a member of the Swiss Federation of Civil Drones with their highest pilots licence DUE, I am well qualified to work as a drone instructor.

  Drone flying school  - 12 hours over two days:

  • Theory lessons on drone aerodynamics and the pysical limitations of multirotors
  • Introduction to the laws on flying drones in Switzerland
  • several flights with a double command equipped drone - as soon as it gets critical, the instructor takes the commands
  • several solo-flights with a school drone.
  • several flights with your own drone under the surveillance of the instructor 
  • Short theoretical introduction on flights in urban areas with the possibility to execute a flight in an urban area (depending on the level you have reached during the 2 days)

  Further more, I offer to guide you in the selection of a drone thats appropriate for your job - as I am not connected to any company, i can guarantee a neutral consulting service.
  Contact me for a personalized offer.