Multirotors are the ideal aerial platform for a multitude of photography and filming jobs where a camera-crane is too short and a helicopter can't go close and low enough. A few square meters of level terrain for takeoff and an unobstructed view from the pilots position on the ground towards the airspace in which the flight takes place is all we need. 

Typical applications:

  • architecture and construction-site documentation
  • documentation of archeological sites
  • advertising shots of touristic infrastructure and hotels
  • inspection of photovoltaic installations
  • landscape photography
  • surveillance and documentation of wildlife parks
  • filming of outdoor sports

for more ideas on possible applications, check the film and photo galleries on the site

There are of course a few restrictions on the use of multi-rotors as well:

  • multi rotors are prohibited within controlled airspace (for example near airports)
  • flying over large crowds is prohibited since 1. August 2014 - we always refused to do it!
  • multi rotors can't fly in rain- or snow-fall
  • at wind-speeds of more than 20 km/h, the image quality decreases due to turbulences
  • We check the safety of every location before flight. It's always "safety before profit"......